HydroVaginal Steam ™

What is a HydroVaginal Steam™?

HydroVaginal Steam™ is a collaboration of purified water and our custom herbal blends to suit a females every need. It is commonly referred to as Yoni/Vaginal steam. Here at the Wax Beautique our owner specializes and creating custom blends, the proper tools, and steam protocol to address every female concern.  It is a traditional ritual that is practiced by most heritages around the world.  

Who are HydroVaginal Steam™ for?

HydroVaginal Steams are for women of all ages. Below we have listed some of the common concerns that we assist women with daily.


Heightens Libido

PMS Symptoms





Who & when  should I  NOT use HydroVaginal Steam™


Menstruation ( Any bleeding )

Post Surgery-(6weeks after)


How frequently should one use the HydroVaginal Steam™?

It can be used as frequently as your protocol calls for. Varies under different circumstances.


How do I schedule this service?

All services are determined by consultation. Once we have determined what your body needs we will proceed with the service and herbs at an additional cost.

Disclaimer: We can not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. You must seek medical attention.