Waxing At Home: Why Not All Things Should Be DIY

With social media comes viral trends, especially with platforms like Pinterest and the increasingly popular app TikTok. While we know there are plenty of great life hacks and DIY projects circulating the Internet, it’s imperative that we tell you that not all self-care services should be done at home. Some of you may be thinking “I’ll pass, I can wax myself and save a few bucks.” Stop right there. Waxing is really a job meant for one who understands how the skin works and reacts; by a licensed aesthetician or cosmetologist.

Licensed Professionals Protect Your Skin

Your skin acts as a barrier to keep germs and bacteria out and when applying wax the goal is to remove the full hair, root, and all. Once the hair is removed the follicle is open and bacteria can enter and infection can creep in. A trained licensed professional has studied how the skin and hair follicles work and keeps the skin in mind before treating your hair in order to prevent pain, irritation, or infections. Meaning, you don’t just slap wax on and rip it off.

  • Which direction do you pull the strip?

  • Is the hair long enough to be waxed?

  • How hot should the wax be?

  • Is the wax sterile?

  • Can you go over the same area twice?

  • How do you ensure you’re getting the hair lifted from the root?

  • Do you exfoliate before or after waxing?

  • Are you on any medications that will interfere with waxing?

  • Is it okay to wax your skin if you’ve just been in the sun?

  • Pre and post-wax: What is the best way to treat my skin type for a flawless wax?

  • These are only a FEW factors you should consider before waxing. Our trained aesthetician or cosmetologist will book a consultation with you to review all that is necessary to consider prior to a wax treatment.

Waxing at home can also cause hyperpigmentation in your skin. Improper technique is sure to cause skin trauma as it occurs when excess melanin forms deposits under the lower layer of the epidermis and darker patches begin to appear. If your technique isn't correct, the skin layers can be damaged due to lifting, burning, irritation, and bruising.

We Sterilize for your Health

At Wax Beautique, we live and breathe all things sanitation. You wouldn’t enter a doctor's office that looked dirty or unkempt as you know that Infections can happen if you do not sanitize everything involved. Treat self-care with the same respect you treat your overall health.

As trained professionals, we have access to a full spectrum of sanitizing agents and devices.

Licensed Professionals Protect Against Ingrown Hairs, Bumps, and Irritation

Who here has had pesky, painful ingrown hairs? *Consecutively raises hand* Bumps and irritation can happen, especially in regions where most get waxed. We’ll say it again, wax isn’t just about hair – wax affects your skin! As skin care professionals, we understand how to keep these irritants to a minimum by using the proper tools, products, and techniques to soothe and treat your skin pre and post-wax. At Wax Beautique, we also offer premium, custom formulated products designed to soothe and protect your skin in between appointments.

We Don’t Judge

We get it, waxing is a very personal experience for many. While you might feel self-conscious or awkward and want to opt for a DIY method at home, please know that we are trained professionals who want you to have a positive experience. At Wax Beautique, we’re here to boost your confidence, listen to you as a friend, and treat your skin and overall health with the best products possible. Not only will you feel confident, but your skin will also reap the benefits of our custom formulations.

Book your appointment with our team of trained professionals today.

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