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Skin Care


The Wax Beautique offers luxurious body waxing. Enjoy your experience in our ambiance setting. Our services enhance the skin by eliminating unwanted hair and illuminating the skin with a satin-smooth finish. We exemplify excellence, beautifying, extreme, and unique services to individuals. We are understanding everyone's waxing needs. All products are custom formulated to provide the utmost waxing skin experience.

Book an appointment for any of our services online any time - day or night! We will confirm your appointment through e-mail when we receive it. If you do not receive your confirmation appointment please call.  If you need to get in touch during business hours, check our contact details. 

Brazilian Wax

Tired of the ingrowns? Sick of the painful uneducated experience? Disgusted with broken hairs and increasing discoloration after waxing? Try our Brazilian wax that removes the hairs from the follicle, leaving the skin smooth and silk! This service removes the hair from the intimate lady parts, including your fannie strip!

Signature Vagacial

This is a basic vagacial that focus directly on your targeted problem. Treated with steam and hydrojelly mask.

Signature Lux Vagacial

Bathe your intimate area with our Signature lux vagacials that include removing dead skin, blemishes, kills bacteria that causes ingrowns, and lightens uneven skin tones!

Hydrotherapy Steam ™️

This is commonly referred to as the Yoni Steam. The Hydrotherapy Steam is used to facilitate a healthy balanced cycle life for women. If you have any womanly complaint about down there. I'm pretty sure with this steam you will see relief. There is no custom blend of herbs for every woman. You must do a consult for customization before the service Hydrotherapy 2  can be performed.

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