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The Hydro Therapy Vaginal Steam™ helps with PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis, detoxifying the womb, menopause symptoms, infertility, and many other complaints or disruption of the womb area.

1. Hydrotherapy Vaginal steams are not meant to cure any women vaginal disorders. However it does help treat and correct some things.

2. A consultation is  a MUST. This is not a one size fits all. Each person needs a custom blend.

3. Our herbs are 100% organic.

4. Vaginal Steam helps with, PCOS, Fibroids. Endometriosis, detox the womb, menopause, infertilities and so many other women complaints within the Womb or Vaginal area.

5. If your cycles are painful due to cramps and birth control or anything does not help, you  should contact us for a natural assistance.

6. You can receive a steam just to relax.

7. Did you know other countries   use vaginal steaming routinely for women's health!

8. Absolutely NO steaming if you have fresh spotting or bleeding.

9. Did you know Vaginal steaming can be great for post labor?

10. You can not steam while your pregnant or when any blood is present in the vaginal area.

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